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Are you a singers looking to improve your musicianship skills?
Or perhaps you're a singer looking to improve your vocal technique.
If this sounds like you, then Vocalice Services can put you on
the road to achieving vocal success. We provide voice instruction
services design to help obtain and/or improve your vocal technique
as well as develop musicianship skills needed to become a successful

Services We Provide

I. Group Voice Lessons: Are design for the beginner to intermediate singer
interested in learning and/or improving his/her vocal tone, range, and
breathe support.

1. Beginners class focus on proper vocal production, vocal exercises,
vowel posture, and breath support. A vocal evaluation is required
of all singers to determined vocal strengths, weaknesses and individual
goals before any lessons can begin.

2. Intermediate class focus on vowel posture, breath support, diction
and repertoire. Prerequisite: completion of beginner's class.

II. Musicianship For Singers: classes are design to help singers learn and/or
maintain skills necessary to function in a professional setting.

1. Beginners class focus on major scales & key signatures, intervals,
pitch, rhythm, and sight singing. No prior music theory required.

2. Intermediate class focus on review of major scales & key signatures,
minor scales/keys, harmony, advance rhythm and sight singing and an
introduction to ear training. Prerequisite: completion of beginner's

III. Workshops: Are design to inform singers of current industry trends,
as well as network with other singers.

So, if you are a singer interested in performing better then you best,
contact Vocalice Services and we'll put you on the road to achieving
vocal success.

For more information, please fill out the Inquiry Form
or contact the Instructor, Dehlice Shelton at.

Phone: 225.359.6807
E-mail: singer@vocalice.com
Post mail: Vocalice Services
P.O. Box 54305
Baton Rouge, La. 70892


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