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Many singers with a degree in vocal performance get jobs
as a secretary, waitress, or in some other field of employment,
because they have no idea how to make a living as a singer.
This is an issue many singer face upon graduation from college.
Vocalice Services can guide you to the next level in your singing
career by providing consulting services that address this issue.

Our Consulting Services is available to support singers,
choral professionals and music coordinators. Consulting
services are always designed in consultation with you to meet
your specific needs. The following are some of the many areas
of services we provide.

I. Singer Services:
Career Development: Many singers have a difficult time
understanding what it takes to launch a singing career.
Vocalice Services can guide you through what we believe
are four areas a singer needs to address before starting
a career: talent development, artist development, singing
careers and finding your performance niche.

Music Business: Music business is a major part of launching
a singer career. Vocalice Services can show you the steps
needed to get your career started. We direct you through topics
such as: self-management/agent, marketing & promotions, contract
issues, music organization affiliations and for the singer
songwriter, copyright issues.

Development of Performance Programs: Vocalice Services can guide
you through developing, planning and the marketing & promotion of
a performance project that would help you gain exposure and develop
a market for your niche area.

Workshops: Vocalice Services will be hosting continuing educational
workshops for singers, focusing on current industry trends and
networking with other singers and music industry professionals.
Networking is very important when launching a singing career.

On Line Resources: We offer a free resource directory, "Just For Singers."
It lists a variety of resource information for Baton Rogue & New Orleans.
Everything Music @ Louisiana as well as listings of local performance opportunities,
up coming events, conferences, conventions, national music unions and organization
and web links.

II. Choral Services:
Vocal development in the choral rehearsal: we guide choral groups with
effective ways of correct vowel posture. proper breath support, vocal
exercises, and attention to diction. These are key elements to proper
vocal development.

Choral repertoire: choosing the right repertoire to fit the vocal ability
of group members as well as repertoire that will encourage vocal

Fund Raising: Fund raising is a difficult undertaking and Vocalice Services
can help choral professionals develop a strategic plan and come up with
ideas to help raise monies needed for costumes, purchasing
new music, putting on concerts, travel expenses, etc.

Concert Promotion & Publicity: in order to gain market share, publicity is a
key element when pomoting a concert performance.

II. Music Coordinator Services:
Music Program Developers: music is an essential part of a child's learning
process. Vocalice Services can help with the planning & coordination of
music programs for privet and public schools

Musicians Referal: with access to numerous musicians and artist, Vocalice
Services can help with finding musicians needed to participate in music programs.

For more information, please fill out the Inquiry Form
or contact the Consultant, Dehlice Shelton at.

Phone: 225.359.6807
E-mail: singer@vocalice.com
Post mail: Vocalice Services
P.O. Box 54305
Baton Rouge, La. 70892

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