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Session singers are highly skilled professional vocalists with the ability
to sing an idea in the manner that the music producer or leader of a group
wants it to be sung. Often times, these individuals are difficult to find so
you settle for a vocalist who may be available but their experience is
limited to being an "on stage performer."

However, if you are a record producer, music director, independent artist,
band, group and/or songwriter looking for a professional vocalist to sing
your ideas to life, then look no further, Vocalice Services can make the
differences on your next demo or record production.

We provide a variety of session singer services, tailored to fit your
recording needs.

Here's what we can provide:

1. Guide Vocals: When new artists embark upon their first recording
session and lack the experience of a session singer or when songwriters
need a vocalist to record a demo of their original material.

2. Vocal Coaching: When perfect diction, accurate timing and correct pitch
are important to the production.

3. Background Vocals: When loads of extra vocal parts get added to a
musical production and the artist's attention needs to be focused on
the lead line.

4. Vocal Arrangements: When fresh ideas and/or more attention is needed
on the vocal side of the production.

5. Songwriting Assistance: When your creative flow is slow and you get
stuck in a rut because the ideas just stop coming.

Our artist has the ability to get the results you want as quickly
as possible. So when you're looking for a vocalist for your next recording session,
contact Vocalice Services and we'll sing your ideas to life.

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