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Music has been the center of celebrations from the beginning
of time. It sets the mood, it evokes emotions, it yields
reflections and it creates memories. Music is the breath of
the spoken word and brings life to any celebration.

Vocalice Services can sing life into your special occasion
and help make your event a memorable celebration. We provide
entertainment services for a variety of special events and
we can customize a repertoire to fit your specific needs.

Our entertainment services are design for wedding/event
planners, caterers, social clubs, organizations, funeral
directors, church music directors and independent consumers.
We also feature a resource directory of event suppliers to make
it easy to find what you need for all aspects of your event.

Events We Can Accommodate

1.Weddings Ceremonies
When the bride and groom desire to express their love through
song in their ceremony

2. Funerals & Memorials Services
When family members reflect on the life of a love one they have lost

3. Small engagements
Privet parties, office parties, dinner parties, and anniversaries

4. Special Events
Luncheons reception, baptisms, graduation ceremonies, sporting events,
Award and honor banquets, engagement parties, and dedication ceremonies

5. Sing-A-Grams
Birthday's, Valentines Day, Wedding aniversaries and wedding engagments,
Mother's Day, and Father Day,etc.

6. Free Services
We also provide an Online Resource Directory of Event Suppliers for the
do it yourself wedding planner

When you need a vocalist to interpret music for a special
occasion, contact Vocalice Services and let us sing life
into your special celebration.

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